Prefabricated Modular Studios & Sound Booths

Whatever your studio needs – recording, television, radio, rehearsals, post-production, video game production or simply a controlled audio setting, MECART’s modular studios and sound booths provide superior sound quality as well as protection from external noise and vibrations.

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Better Than Traditional Construction

MECART sound booth panels are prefabricated and pre-wired for electrical services, telecom systems, and any other needs you have. Assembling MECART modular studios is a straightforward operation, thanks to our Cam Lock system.

Stand Alone

With their own electrical panels & structure, MECART sound booths are fully independent from your building. 



Our Happy Customers

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“We needed several soundproof studios for our post-production department. Delivery and installation were incredibly quick. Our teams like to work in the MECART studios, which have a very state-of-the-art look to them.”

Marie-Elaine Nadeau

Executive Producer, Logistics and Production

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Acoustic Performance

The acoustic ratings of our products have been lab-tested and certified with guaranteed performance.

Utility Integration

During fabrication, power outlets are prewired per your needs (telecom, audio ports, monitors, etc.)

Sturdy Construction

4-inch thick panels are built with heavy-duty 16 gauge steel. The structure is free-standing and load bearing.

Modular Panel System

MECART sound booths can be dismantled, reconfigured, expanded, relocated, or sold.  

Long-Term Asset

Modular studios qualify for accelerated depreciation unlike conventional drywall built-in-place studios. 


Audio Post Production, TV & Film

Podcast, Radio & Broadcast Studios

Video Game
Sound Design

Music Recording
& Production

Fully Customizable

MECART modular studios will impress your clients, sponsors, producers, and visitors thanks to our state-of-the-art design. You choose interior and exterior wall colors, door and window design and more (with or without a floor, with or without HVAC, ADA compliant, etc.).  

“I can’t believe we are moving already. It’s a good thing we can take our studios with us! Purchasing MECART studios was one of the smartest things I ever did! Let’s just say that I’m in management’s good books at the moment.”

Radio Broadcasting Studios
San Francisco, CA

Mixing Rooms and
VO Booths for Marketing Advertising Studio
Montreal, QC

Film Post-Production Studios
Montreal, QC

Video Game Recording Booths
Irvine, CA

Music Production Sound Booths
Santa Monica, CA


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Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Windows

HVAC System

Acoustic Doors

Utility Integration


More Earth-Friendly than Traditional
Construction Studios

MECART modular studios are 100% fully recyclable, create less waste and last longer than stick-built solutions. Additionally, their movability, expandability and resale value are a perfect complement to their long life expectancy.

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