Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device Industries

With today’s new regulations and growing concern for public security, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries need to maintain and upgrade their facilities in order to meet new requirements and regulations set by Health Canada, FDA, GMP, pharmacist associations, etc.

MECART’s in-house experts have the necessary experience in designing, building and installing cleanrooms and enclosures to be compliant with new standards.

MECART offers a wide range of products from accessories like pass- throughs to sections, walls and even turnkey cleanrooms including the enclosure and the complete HVAC system.


Advantages of our Products for the Industry

  • Guaranteed performance | MECART cleanrooms are compliant. MECART will pre-certify your cleanroom and guarantee the required ISO level
  • Proven track record | MECART has supplied cleanrooms to many well-known companies (Pfizer, Opsens, Health Canada…)
  • Turnkey | You can let the MECART experts design, build, install and commission your cleanroom. MECART can also team up with the professionals you hire (consultants, architects, contractors, engineers, purchasers)
  • State of the Art | Your employees will be working in a productive environment and your customers will be impressed by your facility
  • Truly prefab with integration of utilities | MECART’s panel system is unique. Lighting, filtration, gas piping, etc. will all be integrated into the pre-built panels.
Pharma, Biotech & Medical Devices

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Turnkey Cleanroom

complete cleanroom enclosure with HVAC System

Cleanroom Shell

complete enclosure without the HVAC system

Cleanroom Walls

wall panels only

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