Control and Protection Against Hazards

MECART engineers modular buildings (among other things) in which noise, vibration, pressure, air quality, temperature, and humidity are controlled. Our heavy duty construction is strong enough for harsh industrial environments and can be engineered to withstand extreme heat as well as exposure to specific chemicals. We also design high precision air treatment systems for the most stringent cleanroom and metrology lab environments.


MECART specializes in the control of sound and vibration. Our different types of modular panels, doors, windows and silencers are acoustically isolated to achieve any given sound attenuation requirements (6 to 55+ decibels). Acoustics are taken into account during the design and engineering of your modular building or enclosure. Our acoustical experts will measure noise levels, analyze noise frequencies against all components’ performance (walls, ceilings, silencers, doors, windows, openings, HVAC, etc.) and calculate critical frequencies (resonance) in order to recommend the best design for your application.


For vibration issues in your plant, our modular buildings and enclosures can be equipped with an anti-vibration system to prevent transmission of oscillatory movements. We design custom damping systems for your specific application and sound frequencies.


MECART modular buildings can be engineered with a dustproof air treatment system according to your choice of filtration rate (30%, 55%, 95%, 99.975 to 99.9999 %). Treatment against smoke and odors is also available. An airlock may be added to keep the room free from any dust infiltrations.

Corrosive Agents

To prevent corrosion, our modular buildings are made of galvanized steel with baked polyurethane paint coating for additional protection. Hot-dip galvanized structural steel is also available. Hardware components, such as hinges, door closers and moldings are available in stainless steel. MECART’s corrosion-resistant air treatment systems are designed to filter corrosive agents in order to protect both employee health and your equipment. Resistance to specific chemicals is also available upon request.


Relative humidity levels in our modular buildings and enclosures can be regulated to approximately 50% through the use of humidification and dehumidification systems, offering a more comfortable environment. High precision humidity control systems (up to ±2%) and very low humidity rooms are also available.


MECART modular buildings and enclosures are typically maintained at a temperature of 19°C to 21°C (66°F to 70°F). We can also design environmental walk-in chambers with higher or lower temperature set points. The capacity of the cooling and heating systems is calculated in terms of equipment heat loads, number of occupants and fresh air supply. High precision temperature control systems (up to ±0.15°C and ±0.45°F) are equally available. A heatproof system can also be engineered to protect your employees from radiant heat.


MECART engineers the proper cleanroom/laboratory shell and air treatment system to bring your room to the desired air quality (ISO 8 to 5, class 100,000 to 100). Our modular panels are non-particle shredding, non-outgassing, scratch and cleaning resistant.

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Our panel system is suitable for sterile environments. In addition to our cleanroom-designed panelized wall and HVAC system, a variety of full flush easily cleanable components are available including doors, windows, lights, low air return grilles, and pass-through. Antimicrobial paint and different HEPA filters are also available.

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