This blog is intended to share articles pertaining to acoustic modular solutions for the pulp & paper, mining, manufacturing and other noisy environments, as well as case studies about MECART projects.



Demystifying STC Ratings (STC-35, STC-45, STC-52)

September 17 2018

When clients come to us, we ask about the sound attenuation they need for their project (STC-35, STC-45 or STC-52+). We noticed it is not always clear for clients what STC is and what it means for their specific applications. Here is an article to explain to you the basic of acoustics, help you understand our standards and the industry’s reference standards... Read more



Noise Control for the Woodworking Industry

March 23 2018

NIOSH recommends a maximum noise exposure of 85 dBA per 8 hour shift. However, the actual noise level of typical woodworking machines is very often higher. Many of the tools required to cut or shape wood emit inherently high levels of noise in excess of 95 dBA at the operator’s location... Read more



10 Acoustic and Noise Reduction Projects from 2017

December 12 2017

With 2017 coming to an end, here is an overview of some of the Industrial acoustic building projects we completed in the past year... Read more



Plant Expansion | Groundbreaking Ceremony at MECART

September 05 2017

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on September 5th to mark the beginning of construction for Mecart’s Saint-Augustin plant expansion... Read more



8 Key Elements to Design a High Performance Acoustic Enclosure

June 20 2017

In this article, we suggest 8 keys elements to help define your needs to enclose your noisy machinery and design a high performance acoustic enclosure... Read more



How to Control Industrial Noise?

March 13 2017

Engineering controls are used to reduce noise. It involves making physical modifications to control the hazards such as modular buildings and enclosures... Read more



8 Industrial Acoustic Building Projects from 2016

January 13 2017

With 2016 coming to an end, here is an overview of some of the Industrial acoustic building projects we completed in the past year... Read more



Case Study | Outdoors Control Room

November 23 2016

Particularities of this control room project include a partial outdoors installation and an interior soundproofed wall partition... Read more



Before & After Control Room Case Study

September 07 2016

Short case study describing the construction of a new control room for a Pulp & Paper company with an impressive Before/After picture... Read more



5 Elements to Consider for Your Control Room Project

July 18 2016

Here are in our opinion the 5 aspects to consider for your next control room project... Read more



Stop Noise from Harming your Employees’ Health and Productivity

June 03 2016

A noisy factory environment can be harmful to workers’ health. What we often fail to realize is that noise also impacts productivity... Read more