salle de contrôle insonorisée industrielle / soundproofed control room industrial

Prefabricated Modular Control Rooms

MECART’s free standing modular acoustic control rooms provide your staff with a controlled work environment, in conformity with workplace Health and Safety standards and requirements. Our control rooms are built with our own pre-engineered modular panels, prefabricated in our factory under an ISO 9001 certified Quality Assurance System and then assembled on site. Manufacturing modular components in the controlled environment of our factory enables us to produce and guarantee product quality and on-time delivery.

MECART’s acoustic control rooms are used extensively in the pulp and paper, packaging and mining industries.

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High Noise Level Reduction

Whether working on existing noise issues or ensuring a successful new design, our in-house experts in acoustics and vibration control will recommend effective solutions to your noise control issues. Our modular solutions satisfy all levels of acoustic and vibration concerns, whether you need a noise reduction of 25, 35, 45, 55 dB or even of 70 dB if required. A wide variety of acoustic windows are also available as visibility over the production line or machinery is often critical in a control room.


Guaranteed Acoustic Performance

Our acoustic performance is guaranteed. Unlike other manufacturers, elements such as walls, windows, doors, silencers, as well as floors are all designed and manufactured by MECART to be acoustically effective on their own or when assembled together. The acoustic ratings of every component has been certified in a lab.

Control Rooms Built for Harsh Industrial Environment

Interior or Outdoor ?

MECART control rooms are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use yet their conception, design and engineering include important differences. The features of outdoor use control rooms must take into account weather conditions that can impact the HVAC system, windows and doors as well as the roof and the structure.

  • HVAC units designed to be fully functional all year long (heating during winter and cooling during summer)
  • Insulation must meet winter conditions
  • Windows have special thermal capacity
  • Doors must resist to strong winds
  • Weatherproof roof
  • Structure must bear snow loads
  • Protection against UV rays


Special attention must be paid to the choice of steel, paint coating, material and equipment in order to meet anti-corrosion requirements and to face temperature variations.

Protection against Hazards

We will adjust our choice of material, as well as the engineering to meet any environmental factors and thus help extend the life expectancy of your control room.

Choosing the right materials to meet your environmental needs will help increase the life expectancy of your control room by more than 25 years and this, maintenance free.

Let us know what hazards you want to protect your employees from and we will engineer the perfect work environment for them.

Chemical products

Over 40 years of experience & 3000 completed projects

Benefit from our expertise, MECART specializes in acoustic, air treatment, and hazards protection.


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Prefabricated panels with integrated utilities

MECART’s control rooms use a prefab modular panelized system in which the utilities are integrated within the walls during fabrication at our plant.

MECART’s modular control rooms are built using 100% prefabricated panels, which can include pre-wired outlets, lighting fixtures and integrated utilities. This not only reduces on-site disruption and installation time, it also allows consistent quality, flexibility and prompt delivery. Our control rooms’ unique modular advantage is in its Hook & Seal system, which makes assembling MECART’s modular control rooms as easy as fitting two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together.


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modular panel with integrated utilities electric panel

Modular Inplant or Field Assembly?

We offer two assembly options:  the prefabricated modular panels can either be shipped unassembled to your plant (modular field assembly), or fully preassembled at MECART’s plant and delivered in a single module for a plug & play option.

pannel on skids 920 x 300 (1)

Modular Field Assembly

The unassembled prefabricated panels are delivered on-site, ready to be assembled by MECART’s installation team.

The control room panels are already prefabricated with the required openings, wiring of electrical services, telecommunications and any other needs (Internet, telephone, electrical outlets…). The installation is completed rapidly and since services are integrated within the walls, you will save on electrician costs.

The assembly of MECART’s modular control rooms is a straightforward operation, as simple as fitting two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. The panels are assembled together by firmly connecting the hooks on each side and sealing them in place, with little to no disruptions to your operations as no cutting is necessary.

The control room can be easily disassembled if need be.

Modular Factory Assembly

Control rooms can be fully prefabricated and preassembled at the MECART plant and shipped to your factory in one module for a plug & play option.

A reinforced structure with lifting rings is integrated into the control room to allow the prefabricated structure to be shipped in one piece. The control room is fully assembled at our factory and its structure certified by an engineer.

The preassembled control room simply needs to be powered up before being ready for use.

The installation is fast, easy and totally undisruptive to your operations.

Additional Features

HVAC System

In acoustic control rooms, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems must be equipped with high-performance silencers to prevent noise from entering through the air inlet and outlet.

Control rooms are often held in positive pressure (pressurized control rooms), allowing the air to flow out of the room instead of in. When opening the doors, the positive pressure prevents the outside dust, chemicals, snow, etc. from entering the building and consequently maintains a safe and healthy work place.

Heavy Duty

MECART’s modular panels are industrial grade, heavy duty products made of galvanized steel. They are specially designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as corrosive environments, extreme temperatures, high humidity, extreme levels of air-latent particulates and excessive vibrations. All materials used are non-combustible. To optimize durability, special attention is paid to waterproofing, airtightness and resistance to corrosion. The structural performance of our products follow building codes, are ISO 9001, and are resistant to wind, snow and seismic conditions.

Custom-Made and Affordable

Our modular control rooms are custom-made to meet your needs. They are engineered to achieve the acoustic performance you require whether it is STC 25 to 70. Many visibility options are also available either with flush windows, panoramic views, inclined windows, etc. The electrical and mechanical utilities, as well as the required openings are installed directly within the walls or on the ceiling. Special protection against hazards is also available: vibration damping systems, dust control, protection against specific chemicals, etc. The size of the panels can also be adjusted. Furniture can also be custom-made for your control room.

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