prefab operator cabin soundproofed / cabine d'opérateur préfabriqué insonorisée

Operator Cabs

MECART designs and manufactures operator cabins for all types of equipment. Loud noise, vibration, excessive heat, cold, dust and other contaminants are controlled by these cabins. You can therefore safely place operators at the heart of the action.

MECART is the ultimate choice for quality construction, flawless finish and on-time delivery. We manufacture our cabins according to the customer’s precise specifications and we make sure we deliver a cabin that exceeds expectations.

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MECART’s operator booths offer employees at the very center of production, a controlled work environment that complies with occupational health and safety standards and requirements. MECART designs cabins that reduce noise of the loudest equipment and machinery in the industry. The standard acoustic reduction of our cabins is 35 to 55+ decibels. The design includes acoustic doors, acoustic windows, high-performance silencers, and an acoustically treated ventilation system.

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Resistance to the most difficult conditions

Indoors or Outdoors

MECART operator cabs are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. We adapt their design and engineering to factor in environmental issues because weather conditions will affect the HVAC system, windows, doors, roof and structure.

  • Year-round functional HVAC unit (heating in winter and cooling in summer).
  • Thermal insulation (for extreme winter cold)
  • Windows with special thermal capacity to prevent frost and condensation
  • Resistance to strong winds
  • Waterproof roof with a two-layer elastomeric membrane (rain, snow, freezing and thawing)
  • Structure withstanding snow loads
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Anti corrosion

Protection Against Hazards

MECART operator cabins are very robust and can be designed to withstand specific elements: acoustic sound insulation of 35 to 55+ decibels, vibration damping system, sacrificial glass panels or reinforced walls to protect against blown debris, etc.

Chemical products

Welcome to OEM!

MECART works with several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide customized operator cabs for their equipment. The MECART solution may be offered as a supplement by the manufacturer at the discretion of the end customer or integrated into the equipment sold by the manufacturer. Manufacturing several similar operator cabins allows exclusive competitive prices.

Features of MECART Operator Cabins

Vibration Damping System

To prevent sound transmission by vibration, it is necessary to decouple the cab from its base or from the place where it is installed, in order to separate every point of contact between the cabin and the vibrating environment with anti-vibration cushions which will be chosen according to the type of frequencies and the intensity.

Optimal Visibility

MECART modular systems provide unmatched architectural design flexibility for your operator’s cab. Several options for acoustic windows are available, including our popular inclined window with angled glass to optimize the visibility of the operator below him.

The windows are tailored to your needs: heating glass, windscreen wiper, sacrificial glass (easily replaceable in case of breakage), etc.

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Comfort and Ergonomics

The ergonomics of MECART operator cabins can be optimized with custom furniture (desk and integrated seating) to ensure operator’s comfort. The HVAC system maintains an adequate indoor temperature (heating in winter, ventilation in summer). The cabin is also thermally insulated to protect against the cold in winter with optional heated floor. A well-controlled work environment significantly increases productivity, reduces health and safety costs and ensures overall staff satisfaction.

Quality and Durability

MECART uses galvanized steel panels coated with high-performance baked paint (or stainless steel for extreme conditions). Our sturdy design is specially designed to be resistant to weather changes (frost / thaw), corrosion, salt environments, fragments, dust, strong winds, etc. The life expectancy of our operator cabs is 25 years and more, maintenance free.

Custom Design

The engineering, design and manufacturing of MECART operator cabins are adapted to each project. MECART studies your specific conditions and context in order to choose the appropriate components and air system carefully. The size of the panels can also be adjusted and furniture tailor-made. The cabin structure can be designed like a cake cover (without floor) to be lifted and placed on your equipment. The operator cab can also be made to fit the shape of the machinery. Anything is possible!

Unique Modular System

The operator cabins are made of modular panels assembled together with our Hook & Seal system. The panels are made of steel with an empty interior cavity for the integration of electrical and mechanical services directly into the walls during manufacturing.

In most cases, our customers prefer entirely pre-assembled operator cabs, but if you have space constraints, our modular system also allows us to assemble the cabin directly on your site!

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