Shipping & Installation

The delivery option must be chosen during the pre-engineering phase because there are important differences in the building structure in order to make it liftable. To mention but a few, a solidified and engineer certified structure with lifting rings is required to transport the modular building safely and there are dimension constraints to road transportation.

One delivery option is not less expensive than the other, it always depends on the project and your needs. Your MECART representative will gladly discuss the options with you.

Watch one of our modular building being assembled!

Field or In-Plant Assembly?

Modular Pre-Assembly

Clients like the worry-free pre-assembly option because installation is very fast with no interruptions to your operations. We call it the plug and play option, since it is as easy as plugging-in a refrigerator. This may be the right option if you have one or more of the following issues: you cannot interrupt facility operations, lack space to perform the installation, must comply with expensive and complex additional health and safety norms only for the installation, need to lift and move the building once in your facility, etc.

*The pre-assembly option may not be available for some types of products, such as barriers and certain enclosures. Contact us to discuss the delivery options for your specific project.

pannel on skids 920 x 300 (1)

Modular Field Assembly

Assembling the modular panels on your site is also quite easy with our Hook and Seal assembly system. The panels are pre-engineered and prefabricated including electrical and mechanical utilities, and pre-cut openings within the wall panels. Therefore, installation is clean and quick, with minimal disruptions to daily activities.

Installation can either be done by MECART’s installation team, or by your own staff with a MECART supervisor.


  • Indoor or outdoor Installation
  • Perfect for unlevelled floor or raised steel structure
  • Can be moved occasionally
  • Plug and play installation
  • Does not interrupt facility operations


  • Expensive if dimensions exceed road transportation limit
  • Large doors required


  • Indoor
  • Can be installed directly on a levelled concrete floor (no additional floor) and remain soundproof
  • Customer can perform installation himself with our support
  • Doesn’t need large doors (panels come on skids)


  • Not the best option for outdoor installation (weather delays)
  • Installation is longer (a couple of days)
  • Needs an installation team with a Mecart supervisor
  • Needs space to perform the installation
  • Possible expensive health and safety requirements for the installation
  • Must be dismantled to be moved

Should I choose field or in-plant assembly?

It really depends on the type of modular building you need, your budget, the installation location, future plans for the modular building, etc. Give us a call and we will help you determine which option is better for you.