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Acoustic Doors

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MECART doors are engineered to be fully integrated. Their excellent noise reduction will enable you to achieve and even exceed the most stringent acoustical performance demands.

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Mecart acoustic doors are renowned for their acoustic performance, durability and superior quality.


All designs have been tested and classified according to their noise reduction coefficient. MECART offers STC 35, STC 45 and STC 52 rated door and window products. If higher reduction is needed, specify a MECART STC 70 rated door which provides extreme acoustic performance made possible by a double-door design. High quality magnetic sound-seals and Roxul® mineral fiber core also contribute to the performance of MECART doors.



Superior construction using galvanized or stainless steel, MECART doors come standard with high-performance paint finish and heavy-duty mechanical hardware which includes 4 hinge hanging construction for prolonged durability. Every component is selected by MECART designers to achieve long-term problem free use in demanding industrial, commercial and institutional environments.



Available in standard sizes, MECART acoustical doors can also be custom-made to suit your needs. Color, window shape or hardware options, MECART has the answer to accommodate any specific design in accordance to proven standards.



MECART doors and windows are pre-assembled complete with frames at the MECART facility ready to be installed at your site.



Meeting all industry standards, MECART doors and windows provide long-term performance and durability. They are key components in ensuring a comfortable and efficient environment.

acoustic door mecart


  • Noise reduction from 30 dB(A) to 75 dB(A)
  • MECART magnetic sound-lock
  • Galvanized steel and enamel or stainless steel finish
  • Interior or exterior installation
  • Ultraviolet sunlight resistant finish
  • Perfectly sealed
  • Solid acoustic doors 100 mm thick
  • 5 mm or 3 mm of steel
  • 80 to 120 kg in weight (standard dimensions)
  • 4 ball-bearing hinges
  • Single, double or triple pane thermal windows
  • Choice of hardware



  • Standard Dimensions for Single Doors: 892 mm x 2 086 mm • 994 mm x 2 086 mm
  • Standard Dimensions for Double Doors: 1 788 mm x 2 086 mm
  • Custom Dimensions: From 300 mm x 300 mm to 3 000 mm x 3 000 mm and over

Popular Acoustic Door Designs

mecart acoustic door 3d drawing large window
acoustic door mecart with window 3d drawing
mecart acoustical door 3d drawing small window


Acoustic Rating

  • – STC-35
  • – STC-45
  • – STC-52
  • – Higher than STC-52 (contact us for double doors or doors above STC-50 ratings)


  • – Frame: 37 X 84 – Opening: 33 ¾ X 80 ¾
  • – Frame: 41 X 84 – Opening: 37 ¾ X 80 ¾
  • – Made-to-measure (extra charge)


  • – 1-5/8 inche
  • – ¼ inche (extra charge)

Door Frames

  • – Standard cover moldings
  • – Made-to-measure frame


  • – 9” C-shape pull handle on the outside with push plate on the inside
  • – 3 feet C-shape pull handle on the outside with push plate on the inside
  • – Lever door handle on the outside with panic bar in the inside

Other Options

  • – Stainless steel kick plate
  • – Locks

Window Design (Tempered Glass)

  • – No window
  • – 16’’ X 42’’, rectangular, rounded corners
  • – Water-drop design
  • – Made-to-measure window

Door Swing

  • – Right Hand, in-swing
  • – Right Hand, out-swing
  • – Left Hand, in-swing
  • – Left Hand, out-swing


  • – Light Grey (Standard)
  • – Glacier White (Standard)
  • – Other colors optional


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