Engineering and Design

Once the purchase order is received, a project manager is assigned and will be the dedicated contact throughout the entire project. Since our panels and modular buildings are custom designed, we work in close collaboration with you throughout the engineering and design phase in order to engineer the perfect modular building, enclosure, or acoustic screen matching your needs.

Determining Exact Requirements

Your project manager will establish exactly what your specific project requirements are and MECART’s level of involvement will depend on what you want it to be.

Our team of engineers, architects, and technicians can help with the design of your modular building (acoustic enclosures, barriers, doors or panels). With our expertise in controlled environments with over 3000 completed projects since 1976, you can trust that we will engineer a performant solution. We take into account the environment at the final location whether it’s exposure to chemicals, heat, dust, temperature difference, humidity, snow loads, etc., to design and adjust the choice of materials accordingly. For example, avoid using aluminum components in highly corrosive environments.

Plan Review and Approval Process

Once the client’s needs are thoroughly established, a detailed engineering plan will be submitted for client approval. After the client’s comments are received, adjustments will be made and a revised plan will be submitted.

The engineering and design process ends with the approval of the detailed modular building (acoustic enclosure, barrier, door or panel) drawings.

Once approved, the detailed drawings of the modular building are turned into detailed engineering drawings which will be used to manufacture the panels. Some drawings are sent directly to the laser cutting machine for the numerical cutting of the panels.  Therefore, no errors in the positioning of the hatches and accesses are possible. At the same time, the required material is ordered: all types of hardware and furniture, including toilets, shower, and desks which are often integrated into our modular buildings.