2018 RECAP |

10 Acoustic and Noise Reduction Projects from 2018

1) Control Room for Paper Mill Corrugator

(sound reduction of 45 decibels)

  • Industry: Paper Mill
  • Location: West Coast, USA
  • Sound Attenuation: 45 decibels
  • Assembly: Modular Field Assembly
  • Noise Source: BHS Corrugator

This paper mill, located on the West Coast of the United States, recently invested in a new BHS corrugator. Along with the corrugator, the mill needed two acoustic modular buildings to protect operators from the noisy environment.


To read the full project description and see more photos, click here.

control room for corrugator bhs

2) Control Cabin for Primary Log Breakdown Line Sawmill

(sound reduction of 40 decibels)

  • Industry: Sawmill, Lumber Mill
  • Location: Southeastern USA
  • Sound Attenuation: 40 decibels
  • Assembly: Prefab & Factory Assembly
  • Noise Source: Primary Log Breakdown Line

This is a control cabin for the primary log breakdown line of a sawmill. It attenuates noise by 40 decibels. The first section is for the operator to control the equipment. The second section will be used as an office.

To read the full project description and see more photos, click here.

3) Process Plant Control Rooms for a Mine in Northern Canada

(sound reduction of 45 decibels)

Mecart prefabricated these three process plant control rooms for a mine construction project in northern Canada.

The bigger one includes a partitioned supervisor office with a sliding window. The three working office buildings reduce ambient noise by 45 decibels. Antivibration pads are also included in the structure.

Some features of the cabins include:

  • The integration of a fire protection system
  • High-performance silencers
  • Removable lifting rings
  • And custom designed desks

4) Control Booths for Smelting Pot Shell Demolition

(sound reduction of 52 decibels)

These control and monitoring booths are used to watch over smelting pot shell demolition. The angle of the window at the front of the cabin allows a direct view over the potshells. The cabins also isolate the operator from noise (reduction of 52 decibels) and is equipped with an air handling system.

Read the full Control Booths for Spent Potlining Demolition case study.



5) Control Room for Pulp & Paper Mill

(sound reduction of 45 decibels)

This is a control room for a pulp and paper mill which will be located in Arkansas, USA.

Notice the triple pane insulated acoustic windows required since the cabin will be installed outdoors, in a very humid environment, with a high soundproofing requirement of 45 decibels. The roof, the HVAC system and the doors are also designed for outdoor installation.

The control room uses two synchronized water cooling units which are located inside. We install what you want in the walls! In this case, we integrated a high-end telecommunication system and 3 electrical panels including 2 ready for the UPS uninterrupted power supply system among other things. Even the furniture is already installed inside! All you have to do is connect the electrical panels and you’re all set!


6) Acoustic Enclosure for a Brewery Centrifuge

(sound reduction of 40 decibels)

This is the new acoustic enclosure of a microbrewery. Mecart custom-designed an acoustic enclosure for a brewery centrifuge. Before the new enclosure, the centrifuge was making loud noises up to 114 dB, which was harmful to both employees and visitors. Mecart enclosure now reduces noise by 40 to 45 decibels, depending on the frequencies. The client really likes the high-end design of the enclosure, which looks really sharp when tourists visit the brewery.

7) Sound Enclosure with Sliding Doors for Industrial Saw

We built a modular sound enclosure to enclose a saw. The enclosure includes openings for conveyors on each side and sliding doors at the front.

Electrical components are CE approved because the end user is in the Middle East. The components, such as the lighting system, have been selected to withstand 0 to 55 degree Celsius ambient temperatures.

To read the full project description, click here.

8) Sound Booth Enclosure with Automated Pneumatic Doors

(sound reduction of 48 decibels)

This is a sound booth enclosure for a company in the automotive industry.

The automated pneumatic doors open when pallets enter and exit the booth on a conveyor. The operator checks the product inside the booth, and puts it back on the existing conveyor. Once the doors are shut, the sound booth reduces outside plant noise by about 48 decibels.

Along with high-performance silencers, the booth also includes an air conditioning system for a comfortable work environment.

It was prefabricated at MECART’s plant and shipped to the client in one piece.

9) Recording Studios

(sound reduction of 45 decibels)

This is a project for 9 studios designed for a sound recording school in Montreal. The school offers a 12-month audio and music production course, which includes:

  • Audio: Recording / Analogue mixing/ Digital mixing / Critical listening
  • Post-production: Soundscaping / Editing /Surround 5.1 mixing / Audio integration for video games

Each one of the school’s 9 studios has one or two angled walls for better sound quality. Here are the approximate dimensions:

  • 20′ x 12′ with a division wall, along with door and window in the middle
  • 24′ x 12′ with a division wall, along with door and window in the middle
  • 23′ x 18′ with a division wall, along with door and window in the middle
  • 26′ x 18′
recording studio

10) Oversized Acoustic Doors for an Electrical Substation

(sound reduction of 52 decibels)

Hydro Quebec recently increased the capacity of an electrical substation in Montreal. The new generation of transformers is way more powerful than previous versions. However, they make a lot more noise. This particular transformer is located within a concrete building, which absorbs sound. However, access doors are necessary for equipment maintenance. For this purpose, 4 oversized Mecart acoustic doors were installed in the concrete building. These doors are rated as STC-52 for sound reduction. The size of each door is approximately 15′ x 16′.

power substation oversized acoustic doors