Control Booths for Smelting Pot Shell Demolition

sound isolation (transmission loss) of 52 decibels

These control and monitoring booths are used to watch over smelting pot shell demolition. The angled  window at the front of the cabin allows a direct view over the pot shells.

The control booths also isolate the operator from noise, with a reduction of 52 decibels,   and are equipped with an air handling system.

Project Summary:

  • Industry: Foundry/Spent Potlining/Aluminum
  • Project: Control Booths for Spent Potlining Operations
  • Sound isolation (TL): STC 52
  • Dimension: 11’ x 8’
  • Location: Middle East

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Control Booths for Spent Potlining Operations (SPL) 

Spent pot lining, also known as spent pot liner or spent cell liner, is the waste material produced by the primary smelting of aluminum. The spent pot lining (SPL) is considered hazardous waste in many countries around the globe.

Spent pot lining contains large amounts of fluoride, cyanide, and other toxic substances that pollute the underground water sources. Due to the inherent and potential damage  to the environment and its population, , more and more regulations are being put in place to find a cleaner way to dispose of or recycle these hazardous and toxic SPL.

Companies can no longer dispose of potlining in landfills as they did in the past. The pot lining must now be processed to be either sold or properly disposed. Therefore, aluminum companies invest in specialized plants to process spent pot lining.

The processing of spent potlining remains dangerous and must be carefully regulated to protect workers and control booth operators.

Protecting Workers and Operators with Custom Control Booths 

The primary source of danger in the plant is the spent pot lining itself.  Under certain specific and well-documented conditions, as is well known, spent pot lining can represent an explosion hazard if three conditions are met at the same time; the spent potlining comes into contact with water, the gases generated are in a hermetically sealed area, and an ignition source is present.

So how do we protect workers and control booth operators inside a spent potlining treatment plant? By installing control rooms and control booth units that are heavy-duty and made with durable materials. The perfect solution is to buy a custom control booth that provides the right features for your specific and unique needs.

The windows of a control booth can be glazed with impact-resistant plastic glazing, and explosion-proof walls can be installed when needed. Every aspect of your control booth is customizable, and Mecart’s engineers will find the right solution for your requirements.

Control Booths for Spent Potlining Cabines de contrôle pour les revêtements de cuves d'aluminium usées 1000 x 750 (4)

In this case, the client also needed to protect workers from loud and sustained noise due to the manufacturing operations inside the plant. The 2 control booths provided by Mecart achieve, on average, sound isolation (TL) of about 52 decibels (STC 52). Windows and doors render the same acoustic (TL) performance.

The control booths are also equipped with angled windows to observe and monitor spent potlining activities with the best possible view. Air handling units were supplied in both control booths to provide a comfortable environment for the operators.

In conclusion,  standard control rooms or control booths that would fit perfectly in your unique working environment might be difficult to find or result in the sacrifice of features that you need. Don’t compromise; pick a custom solution with the proper control booth manufacturer.

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