Acoustical Steel Wall Panels

Sound reduction of 25 decibels (Diminution from 110 to 85 decibels)

  • Industry: Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing
  • Location: Quebec, Canada
  • Sound Attenuation: 25 decibels (Diminution from 110 to 85 decibels)
  • Assembly: Onsite Assembly
  • Noise Source: Production equipments
  • Dimension: 24′ x 100′

The Challenge

In this situation, the client wanted a noise barrier to separate two sides of their production process. Machines on one side of the factory create 110 decibels of sound at 700 Hz. To ensure that employees could work comfortably on the other side of the shop, the Mecart wall needed to lower the noise to under 85 decibels. The added challenge in this project was the fact that the acoustical steel wall needed to include an opening where product could pass from the noisy side of the shop to the quiet side. Mecart engineered an acoustic tunnel that successfully absorbed the noise rather than let it spill into the workers’ side.


The Solution

The final product was an enormous 24’x100’ Mecart wall created with perforated steel acoustic panels on one side for sound absorption and noise mitigation. Our acoustical wall was more affordable than concrete, provided a better lead time for the client, was a cleaner, faster installation at the client site, and was simply a better choice than a concrete wall as concrete would not be able to absorb the reverberation. It’s no wonder this client has chosen Mecart for four different projects already, and we’re proud to continue to be their solution provider!

Acoustical steel wall panels - Acoustic tunnel

Acoustical tunnel

Acoustical perforated steel wall panels + MECART

Close view of the perforated acoustical panels