Control Room for Steel Manufacturing Plant (STC-35)

Sound attenuation of  35 decibels

  • Industry: Steel Manufacturing
  • Location: Garcia, Mexico
  • Sound Attenuation:  35 decibels
  • Assembly: On-site assembly
  • Size: 600 ft.² of multi-height space


Mecart custom-designed, delivered and installed a third control room for a coated steel manufacturer in Mexico. The over-600-square-foot control room (27’ x 30’) provides a vantage point for supervision over the steel maker’s coil coatings production line. The custom-designed multi-height layout included custom moldings and custom colors. Three different colors were requested; two on the outside and a third different color for the interior. The large STC-35 acoustic enclosure was assembled on-site and installed in only 6 days! The steel production line supports the metal components and domestic appliance sectors.

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1920 x 1080 - Control Room for Steel Manufacturing Plant - Front view