Hydroelectric Soundproof Workplace

Sound attenuation of 55 decibels (STC-55)

  • Industry: Underground Hydropower Generating Station (Hydroelectric Industry)
  • Location: Northern Quebec, Canada
  • Sound Attenuation: 55 decibels (STC-55)
  • Assembly: Prefab & Factory Assembly
  • Noise Source: Power Turbines
  • Size: 136’ x 15’


The Challenge

This underground hydropower generating station came to us looking for soundproof workspace for their directors and managers. Located 140 meters below ground level and in the presence of several power turbines, a significant amount of noise reduction is necessary. Another challenge is the vibration created from the power turbines. The addition of washrooms created yet another issue, as openings for plumbing pose a threat to the sound barrier.


The Solution

Mecart delivered a modern and soundproof space that included offices, conference areas, a kitchen and bathrooms. A modular soundproof corridor allows employees to move throughout the areas without the need to exit the acoustical protection provided by the Mecart panels. The inner work area was prefabricated at our plant and all 72 tons of 16 gauge steel left the Mecart factory in a convoy of 6 tractor-trailers – in the snow! Once on-site, the suite was raised into place with cranes and ready to accommodate employees thanks to the “plug and play” option available for prefab projects – which is as easy as plugging in a refrigerator. The entire acoustic structure sits atop anti-vibration pads, sometimes called damper pads, to mitigate the vibration. The entire suite boasts an STC-55 rating, which is a significant level of noise reduction. Most of Mecart’s clients require STC-35 or STC-45.