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New Recording Studios & Professional Recording Studio Design in Miami

Challenge:  Create a series of recording studios along the bustling Collins Avenue in South Beach, seamlessly merging with the dynamic Miami culture while preserving a flawless acoustic environment essential for live performances and broadcasting recording sessions.

Solution:  A 50-seat performance recording studio constructed with MECART STC 56 modular panels and custom laminated glass windows for better sound attenuation, decreasing street noise, and maintaining optimal acoustic performance for high-quality recording and streaming. In addition to the live performance studio, there are 6 additional studio spaces available for various purposes, including broadcasting rooms and podcast studios.






Miami, Florida


Video and Audio Entertainment


Live Performance, Podcast, Broadcasting


43’ X 24’ X 13’ + 6 Standalone Studios of Multiple Sizes

STC Ratings

STC 56

SiriusXM Chooses MECART for Modular Studios and Professional Recording Studio Design for their New Miami Broadcast Facility

SiriusXM has a vision, to celebrate the city’s rich Hispanic and Latinx culture while delivering new content and experiences for their listeners with exclusive performances and broadcasts, engaging conversations with podcasts, and live events.  


Creating multiple studio spaces is crucial for bringing this vision to life. SiriusXM has teamed up with MECART as their recording studio builder because MECART modular recording studios provide superior acoustic performance, maximize usable studio space, and are substantially more affordable than the competition. 


Read the article Recording Studio Builders: MECART Modular Studios Chosen by SiriusXM to learn more about why SiriusXM picked MECART and the advantages of a modular recording studio. 


Professional Recording Studio Design in Miami: Delivering Tailored Solutions

SiriusXM needs a professional recording studio design in their brand new Miami broadcast complex for 6 studio spaces, including a 50-seat performance studio, and “artist-first” radio and recording studios. 


The design for SiriusXM had to be tailored to fit the building’s constraints while also fostering a harmonious connection between the building and the new studios. MECART specializes in constructing and designing personalized recording studios to achieve this balance.


Each studio is built using MECART acoustic panels, which provide excellent sound insulation adapted to the unique needs of each space and have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating ranging from STC 45 to STC 56.


A Custom 50-Seat Live Performance Studio Tailored for SiriusXM Unique Needs 

This custom recording studio is the largest out of the 7 spaces manufactured by MECART, with dimensions of 43’ X 24, and offers an STC 56 rating. The studio is used to host performances by well-known artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood, Flo Rida, and CNCO, which are broadcast live on SiriusXM’s different channels. 


SiriusXM needs to have a design that integrates well into its complex while contributing to the vibrant culture of the city, with higher ceilings and specific features for integrating lights and cables for the control room.


The studio’s custom-made windows are made of laminated glass to offer better sound attenuation and thus ensure impeccable acoustic performance for recordings and streams despite pedestrians, buses, trucks, and cars passing by a few feet away on Collins Avenue.



A Recording Studio Design That Blends In 

MECART’s modular studios are entities of their own, like small independent rooms that fit into a larger room. At SiriusXM’s request, MECART’s acoustician and project manager designed the studio to give the impression of being an integral part of the building, as if it were one with the main building. 


To create this illusion, MECART incorporated in its studio design, windows that were the same size and proportions as the building’s windows, blurring the lines between what is the studio and the building.


High-Ceiling for Video Broadcasting and Studio Control Room Utilities 

Given the objective of the live performance studio being video broadcast, it was necessary to have higher ceilings compared to a typical studio to ensure that the lights would not be visible in the recorded shots.


MECART designed custom-made 12½-foot ceilings to meet the required criteria. These ceilings were also constructed using MECART STC 56 panels. 


The studio is also equipped with a ceiling grid or technical grid for hanging lights, remote controlled camera rigs as well as for hanging and routing cables for the studio control room – A remote production suite.

Our Miami facility has been open for five months now, and they’ve probably done 100 plus live recordings of bands and music there without any issues. And they’re doing talk shows, daily talk shows out of the other two big studios. So no issues, no complaints. It’s worked great.

Thom Mohrman

Principal Chief Engineer at Sirius XM Radio

recording studios for SiriusXM

MECART Recording Studio: Acoustic performance beyond SiriusXM’s expectations

SiriusXM sought a product line featuring a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 52 or 53 and MECART modular recording studios delivered with panels rated at STC 56, surpassing their expectations and guaranteeing superior acoustic performance to deliver quality broadcasting content. 


‘’Our Miami facility has been open for five months now, and they’ve probably done 100 plus live recordings of bands and music there without any issues. And they’re doing talk shows, daily talk shows out of the other two big studios. So no issues, no complaints. It’s worked great.’’

 Thom Mohrman, Principal Chief Engineer at Sirius XM Radio






Miami is ranked in the top 100 loudest cities in America? Actually, Miami is ranked 18 out of 100. Urban noise pollution presents significant challenges for recording studios, impacting sound quality. 

You can reduce these impacts by investing in the right solutions, such as a high-quality recording studio.

If you need a modular recording studio or assistance with your professional recording studio design in Miami or any other noisy city, contact us

Source: Cities That Never Sleep: The Loudest Cities in America


professional recording studio design in Miami - SiriusXM recording Studios by MECART

SiriusXM Recording Studio Layout 

The recording studio layout consists of 6 studios and a storage room, all designed with MECART walls to maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout the building. 


The recording studio layout was meticulously crafted by MECART’s project manager and acoustician to cater to the unique requirements of SiriusXM. They collaborated closely with the client throughout the entire process to ensure that every need was met. 


Studio 1:Live Performance Studio

Studio 2: Performance Studio Control Room

Studio 3: Storage Room

Studio 4: Radio/Podcast Studio

Studio 5: Radio/Podcast Studio

Studio 6: Broadcast / VO Booth

Studio 7: Broadcast / VO Booth

Recording Studio Layout

Cut the Noise with MECART Modular Recording Studios

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