Operator Control Cabs to Protect Mill Operators & Equipment

Operator Control Cabs to Protect Mill Operators & Equipment

Challenge:  Ensuring the safety of workers and equipment exposed to high levels of industrial noise, dust, and debris.

Solution:  Two operator control cabs that are dustproof and equipped with positive air pressure. These cabs offer a high level of sound isolation, with an average transmission loss of 35 decibels (STC 35).



Graham, North Carolina


Pulp & Paper


Lumber Mill Operator Cabs


16’ x 10’

STC ratings

STC 35

Protect Employees and Equipment with Completely Sealed Operator Control Cabs 

Sawmills can be quite noisy due to the machinery in operation, and they also tend to accumulate a fair amount of dust. Operations frequently occur in outdoor settings, where sand, dust, and fine wood particles contribute to the dusty conditions.  


These two factors can lead to long-term health issues among employees and cause damage to valuable and costly equipment. 


That’s why Canfor Southern Pine decided to collaborate with MECART on acquiring 2 custom operator control cabs, ensuring the utmost protection for their valuable assets. 


Safeguarding Workers from Occupational Hearing Loss

Scientific studies consistently demonstrate that noise levels in sawmills pose a significant risk to workers’ hearing. On average, the machinery and processes generate noise levels ranging from 90dB to 113dB, placing workers at risk of suffering noise-induced hearing damage, and this is no exception at Canfor Lumber Mill in Graham, NC. 


Noise levels at the lumber mill far exceed the standards set by NIOSH and OSHA for employee protection. Canfor therefore partnered with MECART, experts in engineering controls for noise and industrial hazards for 50 years, to enhance employee safety and labor standards compliance.


The two operator control cabs, equipped with MECART’s STC 35 prefab panels, provide an average sound isolation (transmission loss) of 35 dB. This effectively reduces noise levels for operators well below the threshold of noise hazards.


MECART stands behind the acoustic performance of its products. Our panels provide a wide range of sound insulation ratings (TL) from STC 35 to STC 62, all backed by rigorous laboratory testing and proven results. 

Get a deeper understanding of our engineered acoustic panel system by downloading our brochure.


Protect your Equipment with 100% Sealed Operator Control Cabs

In industrial environments, high noise often comes to mind, but little attention is given to external dust or the dust resulting from wood processing. This dust has the potential to break or severely damage crucial and expensive equipment used in operations.


Chat Withfield, plant manager at Canfor, is well aware of the potential threats posed by dust to valuable equipment. That’s precisely why he sought a solution to address this issue and turned to MECART for assistance.


MECART modular rooms are engineered to ensure complete sealing during installation. We take great care in ensuring that our acoustically designed environments are completely sealed – ensuring no hazardous noise or dust can enter or escape.


Furthermore, the cabins are equipped with HVAC systems that maintain a positive pressure environment. This prevents any dust or particles from infiltrating the cabins when the doors are opened, as the internal pressure exceeds the external pressure. 


The engineering expertise of MECART construction, combined with an efficient positive pressure HVAC system, ensures employee safety and equipment protection.

The design, the quality, the soundproof, the dustproof feature, all the climate control, all the features of the cab. The quality was top notch and exceeded our expectations. And they were the most compliant we found in the industry.

Chat Withfield

Plant Manager at Canfor

Prefab Operator Control Cabs That Surpass Expectations

Canfor’s decision to choose MECART products was influenced by another factor: low disruption installation on-site. MECART operator cabins are delivered as fully assembled one-piece units, ready for immediate operation. This helps minimize mill downtime and increase efficiency. 


Chat Withfield, plant manager at Canfor, expressed his utmost satisfaction with the quality of the products and the overall positive working experience with MECART. 

”The design, the quality, the soundproof, the dustproof feature, all the climate control, all the features of the cab. The quality was top notch and exceeded our expectations. And they were the most compliant we found in the industry.”




Did you know that NIOSH calculated that workers’ compensation claims for occupational hearing loss disability cost companies $242 million per year? 

Fortunately, Occupational Hearing Loss (OHL) can be prevented. Implementing proactive control measures can greatly reduce financial liability and minimize its impact on employees in the workplace.

For instance, by incorporating engineering controls like control rooms, operator cabs, or acoustic enclosures, companies can greatly decrease those figures. 

Source: Businesses spend $242 million annually on worker’s compensation due to hearing loss



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