Post Production Studio for Sound Design

Sound attenuation of 45 to 52 decibels


  • IndustryVideo Game Development 
  • Location: California, USA 
  • Sound Attenuation: 45 and 52 decibels
  • Assembly:Modular Field Assembly
  • Scope-Of-Project: 6 studios (9’x11’, 7’x11’ and 11’x15’)

Video Game Professional Recording Booth

This Californian video game producer needed a post-production studio with 6 individual studios (acoustic booth / recording booth) and a control room for recording, mixing and editing. Two studios offer an STC-52 rating, while the remaining to perform at STC-45. Each studio features a high-performance acoustic door anwindows, providing the sound design team with the perfect place to capture their creativity. 

Video Game Post Production Studio

How it’s installed!

The time-lapse video shows the installation of a couple of the studios. The speed and ease of installation is one of the many key advantages to Mecart studios. Fully independent, the studios are truly rooms within a room, which makes them movable and expandable. 

Mecart provides modular acoustic solutions for your post-production needs. Our studios are designed to fit your requirements whether it is for voice-over, dubbing or music recording. 

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