Post Production Studio for Sound Design 1920 x 800

Post Production Studio for Sound Design


Irvine, California


Video Game Development / Game Audio


Game Audio Studio / Editing & Mixing Room / Recording Booths


6 studios (9’x11’, 7’x11’ and 11’x15’)


STC 45 & STC 52

Video Game Professional Recording Booth

This Californian video game producer needed a post-production studio with 6 individual studios (acoustic booth / recording booth) and a control room for recording, mixing and editing.

One of the studio, the recording room, offers an STC-52 rating, while the remaining to perform at STC-45.

Each studio features a high-performance acoustic door anwindows, providing the sound design team with the perfect place to capture their creativity. 

All these studios are custom designed according to the client’s needs. Modular panels have been prepared for the integration of utilities and other services.

Video Game Post Production Studio

Sound Mixing Room for Game Audio

4 of the six video game studio booths commissioned from MECART will be used as mixing rooms, where they will mix the final version of a recorded audio track by blending the spoken word (voiceover), musical accompaniment, and sound effects (SFX) and adjusting the volume levels of each to achieve the desired result.

Once installed, the sound mixing rooms for game audio offer 45-decibel sound isolation (STC 45) courtesy of MECART modular acoustic panels.

The floor comprises acoustic floor panels with a 5-inch thickness and is covered with vinyl tiles.

Regarding sound insulation, the windows and doors have the same soundproofing characteristics as the modular soundproof panels, with STC 45 ratings.

HVAC silencers have also been implemented in the mixing booths suite to avoid noise leakage from outside.

Studio Control Room and Recording Room 

This video game studio has created multiple hits over the years, and you can’t have that kind of success randomly. Clearly, they do multiple things the right way, and one of them is to understand how crucial the audio experience is to any video game enthusiast.

To give a fully immersive experience, the mixing and recording of voiceovers, music, foley, and other sounds must take place in studios with superior acoustics. That’s why they went for MECART prefab studios and booths.

The Studio Control Room for Post Production

The engineers and producers sit in control rooms to oversee and record all aspects of the production process. The control room is the nerve center of every recording studio, housing all of the computers, mixing consoles, and other devices used in the recording process.

Out of the six studios that have been supplied to their video game company, the studio control room is the largest, with dimensions of 11’ x 15’. The studio control room was built so that several persons may perform their duties simultaneously.

The studio control room is adjacent to the recording studio / recording room and is divided by a vast bay window that improves communication and provides a view for both sides.

The studio control room has the same STC 45 acoustic isolation as the sound mixing booths, reducing outside noise by 45 dB on average.


Recording Room / Recording Studio 

Compared to the other studio pods sent to their California headquarters, the recording room boasts the best soundproofing of the bunch.

The recording studio boasts 52 decibels of sound isolation (STC 52), making it the ideal location for recording while reducing outside noise that could damage audio quality.

With the same STC rating as the acoustic wall panels, the door and window that divide the control room also help to block out noise from the outside.

The recording space was built to comfortably accommodate 2 voice actors or voiceover talents simultaneously.

How it’s installed!

The time-lapse video shows the installation of a couple of the studios. The speed and ease of installation is one of the many key advantages to Mecart studios. Fully independent, the studios are truly rooms within a room, which makes them movable and expandable. 

Mecart provides modular acoustic solutions for your post-production needs. Our studios are designed to fit your requirements whether it is for voice-over, dubbing or music recording. 

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