Three Control Rooms for a Gold Mine (Process Plant, Crusher and Paste Plant)

Sound attenuation of 45 decibels

  • Industry: Gold Mine
  • Location: Nunavut, Canada
  • Sound Attenuation: 45 decibels
  • Assembly: Prefab, Factory Assembly
  • Noise Source: Process Plant, Crusher and Paste Plant

The large control room was designed for the processing plant of a gold mine in northern Canada. It includes an airlock, large office with a custom-designed work surface desk, and a closed programming station, which is equipped with a sliding window.

The first small control room is for a crusher and the second is for the paste plant. Both buildings are identical and include an entrance vestibule with a closed office.

The control rooms’ structures are equipped with antivibration pads and an integrated fire protection system. They reduce ambient noise by 45 decibels. Furniture and hardware were also installed prior to delivery for a complete, turnkey solution.

gold mine process plant control room