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Sophie Goulet

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The Costs of Industrial Hazards: Protecting Your People, Equipment and Profits

  • 22 million US workers are currently exposed to hazardous occupational noise, leading to occupational hearing loss (OHL). (source)
  • 33% of those occupational noise-exposed workers have audiometric evidence of hearing loss.
  • 16% have significant hearing impairment. (source)
  • OHL workers’ compensation costs American companies $49–67 million USD. (source)
Operator Control Cabs

Save Money & Lower Long-Term Operating Costs with Engineering Controls

The hierarchy of controls helps prioritize and choose workplace safety measures. The purpose of the hierarchy of controls is to remove or minimize dangers at the source to protect workers. The five techniques are elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment, in order of efficiency.

Elimination and substitution are the most difficult actions to adopt into an existing process or are simply impossible to do because the process can’t be done any other way. Engineering controls are a smart and cost-effective way to mitigate or eliminate hazards from making contact with workers. Engineering controls can be protective barriers for noise control, optimizing ventilation systems for chemical fumes, or modifying equipment with enclosures.

NIOSH reports that engineering controls tends to lower long-term operating costs and can save money through work processes and facility operations. (source)


Essential Features of Engineering Controls for Industrial Hazard Mitigation

Worker Safety and Productivity

– Addresses diverse hazards such as noise, heat and explosion risks

– Prioritizes worker safety in a stress-free environment

– Enhances concentration and visibility for heightened situational awareness

– Supports informed decision-making, contributing to overall productivity

Equipment Protection

– Safeguards equipment from external factors like dust and vibrations

– Assures machinery longevity, reducing downtime

– Contributes to peak equipment condition, minimizing wear and tear

– Enables continuous and reliable machinery operation, supporting efficiency

Durability and Flexible Installation

– Emphasizes robust construction to withstand diverse challenges

– Ensures long-term protection for workers and equipment

– Offers flexible installation methods to adapt to operational needs

– Accommodates various workspace configurations, optimizing resource utilization

Shield Productivity from Industrial Hazards

MECART Custom Noise Solutions & Engineered Controls

Noise Control & Guaranteed Acoustic Performance

– In-house acoustic experts, lab-certified designs for doors, panels, windows, walls

– Custom 4-inch-thick wall system, sound isolation from STC 35 to STC 62

– Certified acoustic ratings for each component, ensuring effective noise reduction

– Options for noise reduction, accommodating 25 to 70 dB reductions

– Acoustic windows designed for critical visibility in control rooms and cabins

Durable / Heavy-Duty Construction

– Premium galvannealed steel panels, resilient to harsh conditions

– Sturdy design, lifespan exceeding 25 years, ISO 9001 quality management

– Robust operator cabins for indoor/outdoor use, engineered to withstand elements

– Integrated vibration dampening system prevents sound transmission through vibration

– Custom engineering addresses technical challenges and provides tailored solutions

Turnkey with Quick Lead Time

– Hook & Seal system for swift, efficient setup, adaptable to diverse requirements

– Turnkey services cover preliminary engineering through manufacturing, assembly and delivery

– MECART prefabricated rooms have built-in integrated utilities and services inside its modular panels

– Short lead time & quick install coordinated with your production and downtime schedule

– Solutions arrive fully functioning and ready to operate. A true plug & play

– Comfortable workspace and & ergonomic designs

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Discover MECART’s Industrial Hazard Solutions


STC 45-rated Prefab Control Room With Reinforced Weatherproof Structure


– 21′ x 26′ outdoor control room with 2 modules in Kettle Falls, WA

– Reinforced, weatherproof structure with office, kitchenette, washroom

– Triple thermos windows, waterproof, wind-resistant, UV-resistant paint

– Easy transport in 2 parts, quick assembly

– STC 45 sound attenuation, modular panels, windows, HVAC silencer, steel door

– Integrated bathroom, kitchenette for extended work shifts

– Break space and two fully operational workstations


Outdoor Prefab Control Room for an Electric and Natural Gas Utility Company

Humidity-Resistant, STC 45 Rated Control Room Protecting Workers and Equipment


– 23′ x 12′ control room in an outdoor pulp mill in Arkansas

– Endures high humidity, HVAC with water-cooling units

– Polyester powder coating for humidity resistance

– Triple-pane windows and doors, STC 45 sound isolation

– Equipped with telecommunication system, 3 electrical panels

– Plug-and-play solution, prefabricated, furnished for quick operation


Pulp Mill Control Room for Paper Products Manufacturing 1

100ft Noise Barrier Isolating Operators from Loud Process


– 24′ x 100′ Noise Barrier in Quebec, QC

– Sound attenuation reduced from 110 dB to 85 dB

– Engineered acoustic tunnel for noise absorption

– Implemented noise barrier to separate production sides

– Cost-effective, quick, clean on-site assembly

– More affordable than concrete


Acoustic Enclosures and Sound Enclosures 1000 x 750 (7)

Georgia Pacific          Kruger          RioTinto Alcan          ArcelorMittal          General Electric           Valero

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Learn more about custom-designed acoustic modular buildings, featuring projects such as control rooms and enclosures. The brochure details MECART engineering capabilities, acoustic expertise, utilities integration, features of acoustic doors and windows and noise reduction through concise case studies.