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Video Production Studio Design & Build for Virginia Tech

Challenge: Capture clear and noise-free videos inside a busy open office space. Design and build without disrupting operations while also navigating complex acoustic concepts and zoning in on precise needs.

Solution: A custom-designed, modular soundproof video production studio. The studio fits inside Virginia Tech’s office space and dampens the intense noisy environment, giving them an ideal space for video production.



Blacksburg, Virginia


University, Education


Video Production


20’ X 12’ X 12’

STC Ratings

STC 55

Quick and Quiet: MECART Modular Studios Transform Virginia Tech’s Office Space

Virginia Tech recognized the uphill battle from the start: a noisy office, limited space, and blind spots on acoustics. This awareness, however, didn’t translate easily into a solution. 


Despite contacting various studio manufacturers, they struggled to find a comprehensive answer, one that would effectively address the critical need to dampen noise from adjacent offices.


Virginia Tech’s quest concluded with MECART modular studios. MECART’s design and expertise ticked all of their boxes meeting all of their requirements.


  • The MECART modular studio system seamlessly integrates into their existing office space.  In less than a week, the studio was up and running, requiring no renovations and causing minimal disruption.


  • MECART’s STC 55 studio wall panels create a quiet haven for video production and prevent interference with the other work going on in their adjoining office space. It effectively blocks noise from both directions, ensuring uninterrupted work for both the video crew and office staff.



MECART Guides Virginia Tech Towards Optimal Acoustics & Video Production Studio Design

While the client knew their environment was noisy, they lacked specific knowledge about the necessary acoustic performance for their needs.


Recognizing this gap, the MECART team, including our Technical Sales Manager, and our dedicated acoustician, actively guided the client’s understanding of acoustics to help them identify the right solution.


Quinn Warnick, Assistant Vice Provost for Technology-Enhanced Learning, was happy to be guided from the outset, greatly reducing his concerns about acoustic problems and performance. 


 ‘’As far as the performance is concerned, we were really guided by MECART on that. We started the sales intake process and they started making recommendations. And ultimately, the final version of what they came up with was exactly what we needed.’’


With a wealth of experience from past studio projects, MECART has honed their expertise in acoustics. Leveraging this knowledge to empower clients by guiding them towards the right acoustic solutions.

MECART can now turn its expertise to video production studio design because optimal sound quality goes hand-in-hand with a well-designed studio layout. To gain a comprehensive understanding of how our team of acoustic experts can support you with your video production studio design or if you want to delve deeper into the MECART modular studio system in greater detail, download our studio brochure.


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As far as the performance is concerned, we were really guided by MECART on that. We started the sales intake process and they started making recommendations. And ultimately, the final version of what they came up with was exactly what we needed.

Quinn Warnick

Assistant Vice Provost for Technology-Enhanced Learning

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Good acoustics aren’t just about sound quality – they also improve video quality. By eliminating echo and background noise, viewers can focus on the speaker and the visuals, creating a more immersive viewing experience.


That’s why it’s also important for video production studios to go for premium soundproofing and acoustic treatment. 


Talk to one of our sales reps to view the full range of soundproofing that MECART studios offers. MECART also provides acoustic treatment services for your studio, if necessary. 



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Video Production Studio Design: Leading You to the Ideal Layout 

MECART’s expertise extends beyond sound – we will help you craft the perfect video production studio design. Our team of specialists can analyze your existing space and recommend an optimized configuration to maximize your footprint. 


Even if the space you have available is less than ideal, MECART’s design flexibility, modularity, and understanding of acoustics allow us to explore alternative layouts that maximize functionality without compromising sound quality.


MECART’s personalized and iterative approach to design won over Virginia Tech, who were very pleased with the overall experience.


‘’Our favorite part about working with MECART was their customized approach. So from the very early days of showing them our floor plan and getting out and measuring how much space we have for this, we did lots of iterative design work with MECART to find a studio that fits perfectly in the space we had available and meet our needs for video production.’’


Make the right choice like Virginia Tech, SiriusXM, and see why they chose MECART to optimize their space and ensure top-notch acoustic performance.


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