Broadcasting Studios for Public Radio Station

Sound attenuation of 45 decibels

  • Industry: Public Broadcasting
  • Location: California, USA
  • Sound Attenuation: 45 decibels
  • Assembly: Modular Field Assembly
  • Scope-Of-Project: 6 studio booths (radio studios, audio studios and control rooms) of approximately 12′ x 13′ each

KQED, the most-listened-to public radio station in the United States, wanted to be able to stay on-air while their offices are being completely redesigned. After finding a temporary space to operate during the home office’s two-year overhaul, their task was to find high-quality studios that could be moved back to headquarters after the renovation – all while continuing to produce live programming.

Mecart’s modular studios were able to check all the boxes on the client’s wish list and more. SiJing Sanchez and Scott Lewis, the architect and project manager who selected Mecart for 6 new studios, flew to Quebec City, Canada to see the panels and products here in our shop. “The acoustics and the doors and windows are very important and we saw their high quality,” said Lewis.

Once the fabrication of the panels was finished, they were delivered to the client’s temporary location and installed on-site. Sanchez, an experienced architect, admitted that she was nervous that the 1-inch tolerance of the existing space would make the installation nearly impossible. She said, “We really took a leap of faith here, because I didn’t think it could be built in the tight space, but Max (from the Mecart installation team) said it could…and it did!” While reflecting on the many sleepless nights she experienced during the planning process, Sanchez added, “The Mecart team was very responsive throughout the process, which was so important because the project was fast-tracked. They were always there to help!”

The next phase will be moving the studios into their permanent studio and office complex. Thanks to Mecart’s modular flexibility, the studios will be easily converted to editing space and more studios will be purchased.

Mobility, movability and flexibility are a few of the most sought-after functions that Mecart clients want to see in their high-quality studio projects, and this project is an excellent illustration of those functions in action.
broadcasting studio public radio mecart_2