Building Sound Recording Studios for SiriusXM in Nashville

Building Sound Recording Studios for SiriusXM in Nashville

Challenge: Building high-quality sound recording studios in the heart of bustling Nashville presented a unique challenge. SiriusXM needed a solution that balanced a quick lead time with professional-grade acoustics, all amidst the city’s constant noise.


Solution: Using our modular system, MECART provided 8 custom studios in under 8 weeks. Our approach allowed for fast construction while maintaining performance. Our studios’ soundproofing and the expertise of our acoustic experts ensured SiriusXM could capture the premium sound their subscribers expect.



Nashville, Tennessee


Video and Audio Entertainment


Live Performance, Podcast, Broadcasting, Satellite Radio


50’ X 26’ + 7 Other Studios with Various Sizes

STC Ratings

STC 55

Broadcast and streaming giant SiriusXM is committed to providing the best possible experience for its listeners. To achieve this, they’re investing heavily in content creation, mainly focusing on state-of-the-art studios designed to increase their output for podcasts, live music, sports coverage, and more.


The latest addition to this strategy is the recently launched SiriusXM Nashville Studios. This isn’t their first collaboration with MECART, it’s the 3rd partnership between the 2 companies. MECART previously built SiriusXM’s sound recording studios in Toronto and their new Miami Flagship Broadcasting Center.


SiriusXM understands the value MECART offers for sound recording studios. Here’s why they keep coming back:


  • Maximizes Space, Minimizes Footprint: MECART’s modular design creates more usable space within a smaller overall footprint, perfectly aligning with SiriusXM’s needs.


  • Cost-Effective Solution: MECART studios are significantly more affordable than the competition, delivering substantial financial savings for SiriusXM.


  • Uncompromising Quality & Acoustics: With the advantages of prefab construction, MECART studios maintain the exceptional acoustic performance and consistent quality SiriusXM demands.


This time around, MECART’s modular system adds another layer of value for SiriusXM and their Nashville Studios. 


  • Flexible & Fast: Our modular studio system is quick to deliver and install – in less than 8 weeks 


  • Dedicated Support: Our team is passionate about being an integral part of our client’s success stories, ensuring a seamless and successful partnership


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Cut the Noise with MECART Sound Recording Studios


Flexible Sound Recording Studios: How MECART’s Modular System Overcomes Delivery Challenges

With SiriusXM Nashville’s grand opening rapidly approaching, a logistical hurdle emerged: the building’s freight elevator simply isn’t equipped to accommodate the sound recording studio components that need to reach the 2nd floor. A delay here could send the entire project off schedule.


MECART’s Modular Advantage and Experience Steps Up 

Years of experience navigating logistical hurdles in diverse building environments equipped us to find a solution quickly. We designed our modular, prefabricated sound recording studio panels for flexibility and mobility – perfect for unconventional entry or future relocations.


A Window of Opportunity: Overcoming the Delivery Challenge 

For SiriusXM Nashville, the solution lay in plain sight – the 2nd-floor windows were large enough to accommodate the prefabricated studio components. Using a lift, we carefully removed a window and transported all the modular panels inside swiftly and efficiently.


The window was then reinstalled,  leaving no trace of the operation. With this maneuver, the installation of SiriusXM’s sound recording studio was back on track.

How modular sound recording studios enables flexibility for delivery

Speed of Sound: MECART Sets New Standard for Sound Recording Studio Construction

Modular construction is renowned for many advantages over the stick-built approach for studio construction and for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in construction. MECART studios are no exception. 

The off-site prefabrication minimizes on-site work, leading to significant time and cost savings compared to traditional methods. 


By leveraging prefabricated panels with integrated utilities and requirements, we’re redefining industry benchmarks for speed, efficiency, and quality


SiriusXM required 8 bespoke studio spaces in multiple sizes, which translates into over 3,500 sqft of usable studio spaceThe sound recording studios that MECART built for SiriusXM were up and running in less than 8 weeks, a time that set new industry standards.

Sound Recording Studios How MECART's Modular System Overcomes Delivery Challenges

Around-the-Clock Dedication to SiriusXM Sound Recording Studio Project 

MECART’s team found a solution to deliver sound recording studios to SiriusXM’s downtown Nashville location. However, a new obstacle emerged before the final stretch: Nashville’s busy Broadway Street.


Navigating the Challenges of Broadway Street

The city wouldn’t allow the studios to be delivered during the day due to potential traffic disruptions. To ensure a smooth and safe operation, shutting down a portion of the street at night became the only option.



Collaboration and Careful Planning for Nighttime Solution 

MECART isn’t known for backing down from a challenge. In collaboration with SiriusXM and the city itself, MECART orchestrated a nighttime delivery.


While a typical work day might end well before midnight, MECART’s installers weren’t fazed by the late hours. They started prepping at 6 pm and didn’t finish until 4 am, all to ensure SiriusXM’s success.

How modular sound recording studios enables flexibility for delivery

Win-Win Situation: Your Success Is Our Success 

This project exemplifies MECART’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our engineers, installers, and acoustic specialists are dedicated to partnering with clients to achieve their goals, going the extra mile – or in this case, working through the night – to turn SiriusXM’s vision into reality.


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Sound Recording Studios How MECART's Modular System Overcomes Delivery Challenges (2)

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