Custom Modular Control Room STC-35

Modular Control Room STC-35


Southwestern US


Pulp & Paper


Control Room for Sawmill Equipment


Sound Isolation (TL)

35 decibels on average (STC 35)

  • Location: Southwestern US 
  • Sound Attenuation: 35 decibels (STC-35) 
  • Assembly:Modular Field Assembly
  • Scope-Of-Project: Control Room with custom orange paint and a raised floor

Custom Modular Control Room

Every workplace is different and standard cabin solutions do not always deliver the specific needs of your work environment. At MECART, every part of our product is customizable to give you full control of what you need to accomplish and what your environment permits. Whether you need an operator cab, a control room, an acoustic booth, or a professional recording studio, our team is here to respond – from the size, shape and acoustic range, right down to the color! This made-to-order project was delivered to our client in southwestern US. The client needed a sound attenuation of 35 decibels (dB) and selected custom orange paint to fit with branding. The control room also needed to have a raise floor to hide all the mechanical and electrical equipment.
What do you think of Mecart’s panels in orange?